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Globec UK Ltd.
Unit 15, Shrivenham Hundred Business Park
T: 01793 780790
F: 01793 780776
W: Suppliers of Specialist Electronic Components

Suntan Technology X & Y Type Capacitors

Here at Globec UK Ltd. we specialise in the distribution of EMC/Lighting Suppression and Hybrid Microcircuit Components.

One of the ranges of products we offer is Suntan Technology X & Y Type Capacitors, for across the line and line by-pass applications.

Key Features:

Compact sizes: ≤10mm to 20mm
Cost effective product
Safety Standard Approvals including UL, CSA, VDE
Cap range: 100pF to 10nF
Working Voltage: 125Vac, 250Vac and 400Vac
Flash test: 2600VAC X & Y

To discuss your requirements, please call a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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Trade Link: Suntan Technology X & Y Type Capacitors

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