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BBN International Ltd
Clay House

T: 0845 3655061
F: 07005 982624
W: BBN International Ltd

BBN International Ltd Profile

Here at BBN International Ltd, we specialise in the supplier of fibre optic instruments, components and consumables.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensure that we build relationships with our supplier to ensure you get the most competitive pricing. You can also rely on us to make sure that you get superior technical standards and excellent product quality.
Our product/service range includes:
Portable Fibre Optic Instruments
Fibre Inspection Devices
Fibre Termination Equipment
Fibre Fusion Splicing Equipment
Fibre Connector Care Tools
Bench Top Fibre Optic Instruments
Advanced Laser Diode Systems
Optical Sensor Analysers
Optical Network and Transmission Systems
Laser Diodes
Optical Switches
ADFA ad ASE Modules
Inline Optical Modules
Signal Conditioning Modules
Optical Transceivers
Telecom Laser Modules
Liquid Crystal Devices
Fibre to the Premises Products
D(Q)PSK Demodulators & Interleavers
Advanced Fused Devices
Standard Optical Components
Optical Modules
Optical Filter Devices
Fused Fibre Devices
Optical Power Monitors
Optical Sensors
Fibre Termination Components
Optical Fibre Processing
Optical Coatings & Special Materials
The industries we supply to include:
Sensor Markets
On our website, you’ll find a range of publications, including catalogues, manuals, press releases and product summaries. In addition, you can look at our Options Forms and Buyers Guides which supplement our personal knowledge and technical information in order for you to find exactly what you require.
To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.
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