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Bondline Electronics Ltd.
Unit 6 Rivergate
Rivermead Industrial Estate
T: 01793 511000
F: 01793 514142
W: Static Control Products

Bondline Electronics Ltd. Profile

Here at Bondline Electronics Ltd. we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of the following products:

Static Control Products
AntiStatic Control Products
Precision Hand Tools

Such as Anti-Static Wrist Straps, Grounding Heel Straps and Shoes, Conductive Foot Grounders as well as Protective Clothing and Gloves, FAMI Products and PCB Racks

Static electricity has been an industrial problem for centuries. As early as the 1400's, European forts were using static control procedures and devices to prevent electrostatic discharge igniting gunpowder's and other explosives.

Today Electro Static Discharge (ESD) impacts productivity and product reliability in virtually every aspect of today's electronics environment. Damage to this industry has been estimated to running into billions of dollars annually.

Our product categories include:

• Hand Tools & Tweezers
• Brushes
• Bench & Grounding
• Wrist-Straps & Cords
• Sprays & Cleaning
• Office, Signs & Labels
• Earthing
• Flooring
• Footwear & Heelstraps
• Garments & Gloves
• Test Instruments
• Ionizers
• FAMI ProductsBags & Packaging
• Bags
• Conductive PCB Racks
• Conductive Strapping
• Custom Design E.S.D. Packaging
• Packaging Tapes
• Storage & Handling
• Benches
• Chairs

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