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PD Devices
Unit 1-2
Old Station Yard, South Brent

TQ10 9AL
T: 01364 649248
W: PD Devices

PD Devices Profile

As the only MOV manufacturer in the UK, PD Devices is a name synonymous with the design and manufacture of reliable earthing, as well as lightning and surge protection. You can count on us to implement a customized solution for a wide variety of infrastructures, protecting them against damage from lightning and transient over-voltages.
Our product and service range includes:

Rail Transport
Network Power and Signalling systems - Buildings and Stations
Buildings and Services - Industrial and Commercial
Mains Cable Entry - Mains Internal Distribution and Spurs - Socket Strips - Plugs and Adapters - Data Networks and Telecoms
Electrical Power Generation and Distribution
Office and Home
Mains Cable Entry - Socket Strips - Plugs and Adapters - Data Networks and Telecoms
Data Networks and Telecoms
Defence and Security
Metal Oxide Varistors
All of our products meet RoHS compliance and we are WEEE registered. We have ISO 9001-2008 accreditation and everything we supply meets the National and International Standards and Recognitions including UL, CEE, BS and IEC.
The industries we supply to include:

Rail - Tram Transport
Buildings & Construction
Electrical Power Generation & Networks
Office & Home Protection
Telecom & Data Networks
Defence & Security
Electrical Retailers, Stockists & Distributors
Head to our website where you can find out more about our products and services including detailed pdfs for each. You’ll also be able to access our news feeds and find our social media links – including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.
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