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Unit 38, Drumhead Road,
Chorley North Industrial Park
T: 01257 249777
F: 01257 246600
W: Tapeswitch

Tapeswitch Profile

Tapeswitch is the market leading manufacturer of a broad and diverse range of sensing products. We supply an equally varied client base with high-quality pressure-sensitive products used for safety, signalling, sensing and control applications. We have a team of dedicated and highly skilled staff across the design, engineering and application departments who take pride in providing an outstanding service from initial consultancy right through to application. This same team have developed a comprehensive range of ribbon-switch systems used for a huge scope of applications.
Innovation means a great deal to us at Tapeswitch. It's extremely important to us to be able to design and implement solutions that cater for each and every one of our clients' specific needs. The versatility of our product, together with the expertise of our outstanding team working closely alongside the client, achieves that goal efficiently, every time.
If you'd like to find out more about us, or to browse our full range of products and services, why not check out our website. From here you can also find various points of contact. It's easy to get in touch, and our team will always be willing and able to advise and assist you, whatever your project may be. 
Our product/service range includes:
Ribbon Switches
Sensing Edges
Safety Mats
Control Units
Signalling Sensors
DaDo Panic Strip
Light Curtains
Tapeswitch Bumpers
The industries we supply to include:
To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.
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