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CML Microcircuits
Oval Park
T: 01621 875500
W: Supplier of Digital & Mixed-signal Semiconductors

CMX7011 Digital Voice Processor

Here at CML Microcircuits we specialise in the design, development &supply of digital & mixed-signal semiconductors for telecommunications Industry.

One of the products we offer our customers includes CMX7011 Digital Voice Processor.

Our CMX7011 Digital Voice Processor is a flexible, half-duplex, digital voice encryption processor.

Key Features include:

Simple Radio Audio Path Connectivity
Real-time Digital Voice Encryption
Voice Store/Retrieve, Packet data
Air Interface Protocol
Instant Voice Capture
Flexible 256 User Addressing
Embedded RALCWI Vocoder
Licence Included (Royalty Free)
Embedded Audio-band Modem
Small 48-pin LQFP/VQFN 
& more
Applications include:
Digital Voice Encryption on Analogue Radio
Wireless Door Entry/Gate Access
Analogue Radio Add-on
Digital Advantage for Analogue Radio
For more information on our CMX7011 Digital Voice Processor please visit our website where we have a downloadable Pdf Datasheet & a Product Overview.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

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