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  • 1: Hubner Giessen Tacho Generators
  • 2: Hubner Giessen Tacho Generators
  • 3: Hubner Giessen Tacho Generators

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Hubner Giessen Tacho Generators

Part no: Hubner Giessen Tacho Generator

Here at BarTech we promote and supply quality products from Hubner-Giessen(Germany), Valdunes C.M.F (France) Castellini(Italy), Malmedie(Germany) and Woelfer(Germany). Hubner –Giessen are a world leader in the manufacture in the following: Incremental encoders Absolute encoders Tacho-generators Custom built motors Suitable for use in the Steel Industry, Paper Mills, Container Cranes and many more areas. Along with analoge tachos and incremental encoders for speed control, our absolute encoders in addition with electronic overspeed switches are applied in mining, rolling mills, shipbuilding and paper industries. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Hubner Giessen Tacho Generators

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