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Aero Support
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T: 0845 0600 877
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W: CEC Vibration Products Distributor

C-CATS 8000 Vibration Monitoring System

Part no: C-CATS 8000 Monitoring System

Here at Aero Support our modular programmable CEC 8000 CCATS Computer-Controlled Amplifier/ Tracking System (C-CATS) offers more power and greater flexibility than ever. Features include: Industry exclusive: Manual Operation Module (optional) Programmable filtering, including tracking and sweep operations Simultaneous tracking and sweep operations Up to 14 independent input channels Suitable for a wide range of applications, examples include engine test cell monitoring, R&D lab analysis and testing, continuous on-line monitoring of rotating equipment and more. For unparalleled accuracy and resolution each 8000 amplifier module combines a fully selectable transducer, tachometer and filter settings with a complete range of AC, DC and proportional outputs. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: C-CATS 8000 Vibration Monitoring System

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