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Keller (UK) Ltd
Barrack Road

T: 0845 643 2855
F: 0845 643 2866
W: Pressure Sensors and Pressure Transmitters

Intelligent Digital Manometers

Part no: Mano Gauge / Mano Record

Mano Gauge / Mano Record / Mano Cali Mano Cali (Calibrator Version plus Data Recording) In the basic mode, the Mano Cali displays: Pressure, Pressure Unit, Max.- and Min. Values. Units are selected via the front key (bar, PSI, kPa, MPa,). Mano Cali also incorporates the functions TARA (sets a new temporary zero reference), LEAK (measures a pressure change over a programmable time) and RES (reduces the standard resolution by factor 10). Mano Gauge (Basic Version) Display of: Pressure, Pressure Unit, Temperature, Elapsed Time (Alternative: Max.- and Min. Value). Also available in Ex ia-version. Mano Record (Mano Gauge plus Data Recording) Based on the Mano Gauge, the Mano Record records and stores the measured values. Memory for 16'000 or optionally 32'000 readings. Also available in Ex ia-version.

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