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Foundrometers Instrumentation
Enterprise Court
Pit Lane
West Yorkshire
LS25 4BU
T: 0113 287 44 11
F: 0113 287 44 22
W: Foundrometers Instrumentation

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Mechanical Indicators

Part no: Mechanical Indicators


Here at Foundrometers we specialise in the development, production and sale of systems for measuring, monitoring and displaying rotational speed. 

One of the products we offer our customers includes Mechanical Indicators

Mechanical indicators simultaneously measure and visualize the speeds of rotating objects. Connected directly to the point of movement via a shaft and there is no need for a power supply.

Key Features include:

Operation with no power supply
Easy-to-read, high-contrast display with clear figures
Industrial standard products in various sizes
Sturdy design
Long service life
Easy to service
Excellent value for money


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Trade Link: Mechanical Indicators

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