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A4 Automation Ltd
17 Kingsway
Caversham Park
T: 0118 946 2132
F: 0118 947 3059
W: A4 Automation

Inertial Damper for Stepper Motors

Part no: Inertial Damper for Stepper

DMP 20 / 29 / 37 Inertial Damper for Stepper Motors The reliable damping component without loss of torque DMP 20, 29 and 37, Phytron's inertial dampers improve the system's characteristics of stepper motor applications, by reducing the settling times and by suppression of system resonances impressively. The dampers are designed for stepper motors size 25 (NEMA 11), 32 (NEMA 14) and 37 (NEMA 17) with second shaft, used in optical applications or other sensitive environments. Click on the trade link for further information.

Trade Link: Inertial Damper for Stepper Motors

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