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A4 Automation Ltd
17 Kingsway
Caversham Park
T: 0118 946 2132
F: 0118 947 3059
W: A4 Automation

Ministep Power Stage for Bipolar Control: MSX

Part no: MSX

Technical Details Ministep power stage for bipolar control of 2-phase stepper motors Phase currents up to 5 APEAK / 10 APEAK / 15 APEAK 60 to 120 V supply voltage Step resolution up to 1/20 step Run and stop current independently adjustable in 16 increments Selectable phase current profile: conventional or sinusoidal Current shape optimizing: Current Shaping or Blow Up Optically insulated Open-Collector inputs for 5 to 24 V input level: Control Pulses, Motor Direction, Boost and Activation Reset input can be enabled by jumper Optically insulated outputs: Basic position, Error Status LEDs Easy-to-mount plug-in boards for 19" / 3 U sub-racks Compatible to MSO, MSO MINI and SMD power stages Click below for more information.

Trade Link: Ministep Power Stage for Bipolar Control: MSX

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