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A4 Automation Ltd
17 Kingsway
Caversham Park
T: 0118 946 2132
F: 0118 947 3059
W: A4 Automation

Stepper Motor Module SIMATIC ET 200®S

Part no: SIMATIC ET 200®S

Stepper motor module for the SIMATIC ET 200®S: 1-STEP-DRIVE Stepper motor controller with integrated power stage for SIMATIC ET 200®S in coordination with SIEMENS Controlling and driving stepper motors within a modular PLC system: The 1-STEP-DRIVE technology guarantees a high-precision current adjustment and enables fine positioning up to 1/512 step with an absolute and non-cumulative error of about 0.0015° (Approx. 102,400 positions per revolution (0.0035°/step) with a 200 step motor).

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