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BBN International Ltd
Clay House

T: 0845 3655061
F: 07005 982624
W: BBN International Ltd

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Superior Optical Switches

Part no: Superior Optical Switches

Here at BBN International Ltd, we specialise in the supplier of fibre optic instruments, components and consumables.
One of the products we offer our customers includes Superior Optical Switches. We carry a variety of manufacturers and technologies, and other port count, multimode, bypass, 3-state and broadband versions are also available from those listed.
Key Options include:
MEMSLatch Self-Latching MEMS Switches
SelfAlign Opto-Mechanical Switches
Very High-Speed Optical Switches
LightBend Opto-Mechanical Fibre Optic Switches
CrystaLatch Magneto-Optical Fibre Optic Switches
NanoSpeed Electro-Optical Fibre Optics Switches
Optical Switch Systems
Miniature 1x2 SM Opto-Mechanical Switch

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