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Highblade Cables
The Shire Hall
The Sands
CA16 6XN
T: 017683 52560
F: 017683 52960
W: Custom Cable Assemblies

Circuit Boards & Sub- Assemblies

Design Service to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Prototyping Panels/metalwork/chassis construction Custom enclosures in metal or plastic Anti-static facilities Low/medium/high volume production Highblade are able to undertake the design and construction of PCBs or even complete units to meet your specifications. We have many years experience in the production of equipment such as interface devices for EPOS systems, counters, PSUs, LAN testers, upgrades for printers, adaptor units, protocol converters and many other devices. PCBs can be manufactured as prototypes, or mass produced in single sided, double sided, or multi-layer form and with or without solder resist or legends. We would also be pleased to populate your own PCBs either with free-issue or fully procured components. The presentation of an electronic device can be just as important as its functionality. With this in mind we are able to design and produce custom cases and panels complete with printed legends and logos. You have the choice of fabricated metal, diecast, moulded plastic, or fabricated plastic construction. Plastic cases can be given an internal conductive nickel coating for screening purposes. We can also produce a variety of panels in plastics or metals; folded, punched and drilled; coated/painted and inscribed. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

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