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Gemini Tec Ltd
Unit 1 The Brook Trading Estate
Deadbrook Lane
GU12 4XU
T: 01252 333 444
F: 01252 333 474
W: Advanced Electrical Manufacturing

  • 1: SMT PCB Production
  • 2: SMT PCB Production
  • 3: SMT PCB Production
  • 4: SMT PCB Production

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SMT PCB Production

Here at Gemini Tec Ltd we specialise in advanced electrical manufacturing. Since our establishment in 1978 we have been providing our innovative services to our customers across the UK.

One of the services we offer our customers includes SMT Production.

Our fully automated Synergy line consists of two MYCRONIC surface mount machines allowing us to provide complete flexibility & a fast & reliable service. With automatic board handling & full conveyance we move pasted PCB's through the complete SMT process. 

Key elements of our facility include:

3 SMT placement machines
'Synergy' approach for flexible and scalable production
Leading edge solder jet printing technology
Automated PCB handling, for optimum cost and quality
In-line electrical verification on SMT lines.A MYDATA solder jet printing system for applying solder paste without stencils
Package-on-Package, 0.3 mm PoP BGA assembly
BGA assembly, µBGA, 01005, 0201, 0402
Bespoke thermal engineering
Automated optical inspection, 2 x MIRTEC systems with multi-angled capability
X-Ray, Ersascope, ERSA650 IR station
No clean process & ultrasonic cleaning
For more information SMT Production Service please visit our website.

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