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H-Squared Electronics Ltd.
Conifer House
Old Bridge Way
SG17 5HQ
T: 01462 851155
F: 01462 815187
W: H-Squared Electronics Ltd.

  • 1: Custom Portable Power Battery Packs
  • 2: Custom Portable Power Battery Packs

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Custom Portable Power Battery Packs

Part no: Custom Battery Packs

Here at H-Squared Electronics Ltd. for over the last 34 years we have become the leading battery and torch distributor in the UK, recognised for our high service levels. 

Some of the products we offer our customers include Custom Portable Power Battery Packs.

H-Squared supply bespoke battery packs designed to meet your needs.

Should you require one of the following:

Alkaline primary battery packs

Lithium primary battery packs

High temperature nickel metal hydride rechargeable pack,

High capacity lead acid battery pack

Sophisticated lithium ion or lithium polymer pack with built-in safety circuit,

Or if you require the charger to go with any of these then please contact us and we can perform the following:

Identify the right technology and architecture to use

Specify the pack you need

Design the physical and electronic elements of the pack

Manufacture samples for your trial and approval

Ensure full testing and approval

Manufacture for supply chain shipments

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Custom Portable Power Battery Packs

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