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Blades Power Generation
Unit 10 Buttons Mill,
Lower Mills
GL10 2BB
T: 01453 821322
F: 0872 1103691
W: Blades Power Generation

  • 1: Phase Sequence Relay
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  • 3: Phase Sequence Relay
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Phase Sequence Relay

Here at Blades Power Generation we specialise in power generation. Our complete power generation package takes you from the design stage to the installation stage.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Phase Sequence Relay from our Panel Parts range.

Key Features include:
Replacement for HRN-51 and HRN -51N
Relay monitors phase sequence and failure in 3 phase main
HRN-55 - supply from all phases
HRN-55N - supply L1-N, meaning that relay also monitors break of neutral point
Fixed delay T1 (500ms) and adjustable delay T2 (0.5-10s)
Faulty state is indicated by LED and output contact of relay is OFF
Output contact: 1x changeover 16 A / 250 V AC1
1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting
& more
For more information on our Generator Remote Start Module DSE3110 please visit our website.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Phase Sequence Relay

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