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Habia Cable Limited
10 Short Way
Thornbury Industrial Estate, Thornbury
BS35 3UT
T: 01454 412 522
F: 01454 416 121
W: Custom Design Cables and Cable Harness Assembly

Flexiform – A Telecom Cable Knock-Out

Date: 18/11/2013

By: Web Author

The Flexiform success story begins in the mid 90´s, when the development of a flexible and re-formable coaxial cable started at Habia Cable´s plant in Söderfors, Sweden. The origin of the need came from the telecom industry that lacked a reliable, easy to use cable for mobile base station antennas. The long development process took place over many months in close co-operation with the industry, resulting in the high performance, hand-formable Flexiform cable. To read the full press release, Click on our Trade Link below.

Trade Link: Flexiform – A Telecom Cable Knock-Out

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