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Adaptsys Ltd
Unit 1
Rotherbrook Court
GU32 3QG
T: 01730 262444
F: 01730 262333
W: Distributors of Programmers, Taping Solutions and Carrier Tapes

BPM 2800 Concurrent Programmer

Here at Adaptsys, we specialise in the distribution of world leading brands of programmers, taping solutions and carrier tapes, as well as support with calibrations, algorithms and repairs.

One of the products we offer is the BPM 2800 Programmer. This product is part of our concurrent range of out of circuit programmers, and is powered by Our Vector Engine Co-Processor®.

Key Features:

64-bit architecture
16 GB of onboard memory
Supports device densities up to an 8 Eb theoretical limit
Supports devices with voltage down to 0.7 (Vdd)

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

For more information click on our Trade Link.

Trade Link: BPM 2800 Concurrent Programmer

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