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ETL Systems Ltd
Hereford Main Office Address
Coldwell Radio Station
T: 01981 259 020
F: 01981 259 021
W: Designers And Manufacturers Of RF Equipment.

L-band Switch/IF Switch –Monitoring Nx1

Part no: L-band Switch/IF Switch

Here at ETL Systems we specialise in the design and manufacturing of RF equipment and due to our growing success we are now one of the world leaders in RF manufacturers to the Satellite industry.
One of the products we offer our customers includes L-band Switch/IF Switch –Monitoring Nx1

Covering 50-2150MHz frequency range and available in a range of capacities.
ETL switches are available with:
BNC 50 Connectors
BNC 75 Connectors
F-type 75 Connectors
N-type 50 Connectors
SMA 50 Connectors
More Products in the Switch Range include:
L-band Switch/IF Switch Monitoring 1xn
SHF Switch – Nx1
IF Switch –Redundancy
L-band Switch –Redundancy
L-band Switch –Monitoring Nx1
C-band Switch –Nx1  
For our full products/services range and further information, please visit our website. 
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Trade Link: L-band Switch/IF Switch –Monitoring Nx1

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