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Rotaflow FV Ltd
Rotec House
Bingswood Trading Estate
High Peak
SK23 7LY
T: 01663 735003
F: 01663 735006
W: Bespoke Swivel Joints

  • 1: Multiport Swivel Joints
  • 2: Multiport Swivel Joints
  • 3: Multiport Swivel Joints

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Multiport Swivel Joints

Multiport Swivel Joints

Multiport Swivel Joints allow multiple flows across a common rotational axis.
Built to order from 316L Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or any other material as application requires.
Bespoke designs to meet your exact requirements. Ports exit radially or Axially.
Pressures up to 1379 Bar (20,000 PSI).
BSPP, BSPT, NPT… threaded connections SAE, ASME, PN, bespoke… flange connections or others as required.
Heavy duty bearings to support external loads.
Leak detect ports.
Mounting flanges or brackets to match your requirements.
Multiport – Tech spec 117
High pressure multiport – Tech spec – 142

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