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BGB Innovation
Dysart Road

NG31 7NB
T: 01476 576280
F: 01476 561557
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SPB03 Scraper Bridge Slip Rings

Part no: SPB03 Scraper Bridge Slip Ring

Power & Signal Transfer Units SPB03 The SPB03 units use fibreglass reinforced polyester enclosures. They have been designed to provide an ideal method of transferring power or power signals, including multiplexing, when using precious metal plated rings for low noise applications. Our standard range of slip rings and brushgear (up to a rating of 35 amps maximum continuous load per way, 690V a/c phase rings and 400V a/c earth/ground rings) can be accommodated, and the all-insulated fibreglass reinforced polyester enclosure is light-weight and fully dust and weatherproofed to I.P. 65, when the mounting flange is correctly sealed. Mounting flanges can be designed to suit customers' requirements. Special units can be offered for applications with higher power. The new unit is vandal proof and service friendly.

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