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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
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  • 1: CB110 Sidewinder Automotive Thickness Gauge
  • 2: CB110 Sidewinder Automotive Thickness Gauge
  • 3: CB110 Sidewinder Automotive Thickness Gauge
  • 4: CB110 Sidewinder Automotive Thickness Gauge

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CB110 Sidewinder Automotive Thickness Gauge


CB110 Sidewinder Sonic Tester

Product Code: CB110 Sidewinder

CB110 Sidewinder

• Cylinder bore wall thickness
• Data logging, results mapping
• Scrolling scan view
• Special probes and fixtures
• USB, data logging, alarm modes

Introducing.... The Nova CB110 Sidewinder Sonic Tester, Designed Specifically AUTOMOTIVE Inspection requirements. Applications include Cylinder Bore Inspection, Head Porting, Chassis & Body Members, Roll Cage Thickness Inspection and More... Measuring the wall thickness of automotive cylinder bores, head ports and other components can be important for quality control in manufacturing or in a boring process where a minimum thickness must be maintained. Cast aluminium or steel engine blocks can be difficult to inspect with complex geometry and limited access. Ultrasonic thickness gauging allows for these measurements to be made. With dedicated probes that are contoured to the shape of the cylinder or pencil probes to access tight spaces, thickness measurements can be made with confidence Whether you are building a Hard Core Racing Machine or restoring a Timeless Classic, the Nova CB110 Sonic Checker will meet virtually all of your automotive inspection requirements. No other hand held instrument with this ease of operation can offer the kind of information available from the CB110 Sonic Tester. By pressing one single key you are presented with the unique ability to display a LIVE, Scrolling Cross Section View or plot of the inspection zone, trouble areas will simply jump out. Just slide the sensor up or down an area of interest, such as a cylinder bore and you will be presented with a Cross Section View of that scan line. The results are very revealing! Along with the Scrolling Cross Section View, the CB110 Sonic Tester can store individual thickness readings in a ready made log file for each cylinder for download or report printing at a later time. Log files are stored using up to 32 characters therefore allowing the identification of the block or customer as an example... No other gauge offers this professional approach to engine inspection and reporting. These reports can be printed directly from the CB110 Sonic Checker itself to an available portable printer or saved to a PC via the Data Transfer Kit The CB110 Sonic Tester is available with a broad array of sensors for those complex inspection requirements such as seen when inspecting various ports of a Cylinder Head. Additionally, we can design a sensor for virtually any geometry as required. Although the CB110 Sonic Tester offers the most extensive set of features available in a hand held thickness gauge, we recognize you may just want to simply measure thickness. Nothing could be easier. Simply "zero" the sensor and calibrate the unit by pressing the thickness up or down arrows... NO MENUS involved!! This is an instrument you can truly grow with as needed.

Applications Include:- 
• Cylinder Bore Cross Section
• Cylinder Bore wall thickness
• Port wall thickness

• Dual Element: Can only use double element probes 
• Alarm Mode: Alarm mode on limits
• Auto Zero: Can automatically zero thickness
• Adjustable Gain: Gain can be adjusted
• Data Logging: Data logging in gauge
• Scrolling B-Scan: Displays Time based B-scan
• Variable Units: Change between mm/ inch
• Multi-Probe: Can use multiple probe types
• Hand-held: Designed for hand-held use
• Data Transfer: Can be connected to PC
• USB Connectivity: USB port
• Auto Probe Recognition: Automatically recognizes probe type
• Adjustable Velocity: Velocity can be adjusted 
• Point Calibration: Single & Two point calibration
• Min/ Max Mode: Measures maximum and minimum thickness
• Cylinder Bore: Automotive cylinder bore inspection mode 
• Standard package includes: - cable, transducer and Pelican style shipping/ storage Hard Carry Case
• Engine data log mode
• Back light - on/off/auto
• Coupling Indicator Differential mode. Deviation from defined thickness.
• Time encoded B-scan (cross-sectional scan view)
• Direct Velocity measurement (option)
• Miniature sonic checker

Contact us at Advanced NDT Limited for further details & Pricing.

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