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Brophy Castings Ltd.
Building 15, Soho Mills
Wooburn Green

HP10 0PF
T: 01628 525068
F: 01628 525129
W: Quality Casting Services

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Aluminium Die Casting

Here at Brophy Castings Ltd., we specialise in the supply of aluminium gravity die castings to a range of industries across the United Kingdom and Europe.

One of the services we offer is Aluminium Die Casting. This cost effective service allows for extremely precise mouldings to be created, in medium volumes. Over our many years in the industry, there are few problems we have not encountered.

Key Features:

Castings can be made up to 1000mm tall
Castings can be made up to 700mm wide
Castings can be made up to 10kg
All castings hand poured from Half Tonne 48KVA Morgan Temperature Controlled Bale Out Resistance Furnaces
Most work is in LM6 & LM25
Accurate component with a very good surface finish
Pre-threaded bosses, threaded studs and high strength bearing surfaces can be incorporated into the casting
Silica sand cores can be made up to 300mm2
4 types of release agent for varying types of finish
Castings can be supplied in sacks, packaged in tissue paper or bubble wrap, pallet stacked or crated

We work closely with our customers, developing bespoke prototypes from drawings, existing parts or design briefs.

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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Trade Link: Aluminium Die Casting

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