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Brophy Castings Ltd.
Building 15, Soho Mills
Wooburn Green

HP10 0PF
T: 01628 525068
F: 01628 525129
W: Quality Casting Services

Photo 1: White Metal Spin Casting

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White Metal Spin Casting

Here at Brophy Castings Ltd., we specialise in the supply of aluminium gravity die castings to a range of industries across the United Kingdom and Europe.

One of the services we offer is White Metal Spin Casting. Suitable for low melt alloys such as tin, this process uses a centrifugal force to produce castings from a rubber mould.

Common Applications:

Precision Gears and Cogs
Miniatures and Figurines
Replacement Part Production
Decorative Items (belt buckles, pins, emblems, badges)

Suitable metals:

Thermoset plastics
Pattern wax
White Metal
Bearing Metal

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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Trade Link: White Metal Spin Casting

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