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LMS Precision Engineering
44 Wassage Way
Hampton Lowett Industrial Estate
T: 01905 779983
F: 01905 779041
W: LMS Precision Engineering

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Superior CNC Turning

Part no: Superior CNC Turning

Here at LMS Precision Engineering, we specialise in the production and supply of precision-machined components, subcontracting to an expansive selection of businesses, within a varied array of industries.
One of the services we offer our customers includes Superior CNC Turning. We have exceptional CNC machinery which is used to manufacture highly accurate turned components.
Key Features include:
Turbo magazine bar feeds or overhead high-speed gantry loaders
Twin-linked control systems for simultaneous turning of identical components or first and second operations on twin spindles
Chuck indexing to accommodate irregular components when reversed for second operation
‘Y’-axis driven tooling for drilling and milling either side of the centre line for manufacturing complex parts in one hit
Our CNC Turning Machinery includes:
CMZ Ta Series 3 axis Turning/Milling
CNC Multi-Axis, Twin Spindle, Twin Turret Turning Centres
CNC Sliding Head Turning
CNC Twin Turret, Twin Spindle, Automatic High-Speed Gantry Loading Turning Centre
CNC 2-Axis Turning
Star SR-20RIII

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