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Air Pumping Ltd.
Unit 16, Upminster Trading Park
Warley Street
RM14 3PJ
T: 01708 259870
F: 0208 470 4617
W: Air Pumping Ltd.

Air Pumping Ltd. Profile


Our Company

With over 37 years of air operated pumping expertise Air Pumping Engineering Services has become known as a UK industry leader in pumps and fluid control. We started out as just a few friends with an idea and begun working out of a loft. The company soon grew into a thriving family, London based business, distributing products for large commercial operations including Ingersoll-Rand / ARO fluid products, air tools and compressors, Wilden Pump, FluidAir Compressors, Blagdon, Sandpiper, Versa-MATIC!, Vanton, Mattei Compressors and Yamada.

We are now based in Upminster very close to where we first started, in the outskirts of Warley (see our about page). Our company has expanded and contracted over the years with various staff, and appears to be currently expanding once more.

Our main works cover the safe handling and transfer of chemical, hazardous and industrial, fluids, including any:
· Chemical
· Solvent
· Glues
· Acids
· Paints
· Inks
· Oils (clean & waste)
· Grease
· Petrol & Diesel
· the list is endless! 

We also utilise our knowledge in the above fields to design and build complete turnkey bespoke systems, from drawing board to fitting, including pump installations and pipe work, Variable Mix-on-demand systems and Pressure Testing rigs to name but a few.

If you would like to speak to a friendly, trained professional about how to use diaphragm pumps with your current onsite facilities, please get in touch.

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