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Bespoke Machines Ltd.
30 Barrow Nook Lane
L39 0ET
T: 01695 720354
M: 07966 372948
W: Special Purpose Machines for Unique Industrial Applications

Bespoke Machines Ltd. Profile

Design and manufacture of special machinery, tooling and equipment for production.

Here at Bespoke Machines Ltd. we have broad based engineering experience in manufacturing, as well as in the production of special purpose equipment which stands us in good stead to support most companies with manufacturing environments.

Our company was founded in 1994, John Wilson is the managing director and it is a family run business.

Our broad based engineering experience and our ability to resolve difficult problems are our greatest assets. We use them to resolve difficult engineering problems or to complete those projects that have been left on “the back burner” through lack of resources.

Typically our support will entail supplying an engineer for a few days per month to drive a project forward or simply to relieve the pressure on others in your organisation.

Our equipment is typically cost effective when 'off the shelf' solutions are not available.

The machines we manufacture are designed in-house, with close consultation with our client. The component parts of the machines are sub-contracted for optimisation of price and quality.

We assemble and prove the equipment in our workshop before delivery and production trials.

Whether you require a special purpose manual or automatic assembly, drilling or welding machine or something unique to your industry we can manufacture it for you.

A single Bespoke designed machine will be able to add more value to your product than a single standard off the shelf machine.

In addition to these services we can also give manufacturing support in a number of fields including:

Project managing
Production engineering

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