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J.E.B Precision Ltd
Works Lane
Manchester Road
T: 01606 354354
F: 01606 354355
W: J.E.B Precision Ltd

J.E.B Precision Ltd Profile

J.E.B. Precision Ltd, founded in January 1974, specialises in subcontracting high-quality machining and assembly. We boast excellent customer service, believing passionately that we should always get it right the first time.
Based in Cheshire, we work with a range of customers nationwide. We are proud to deliver to our customers a single source of supply which negates the many issues encountered with multi-sourcing.
Our superb range of products and services include:
CNC Turning & Milling
Electromechanical Assembly
Precision Machining
Wire Erosion
TIG Welding
Vacuum Leak Checking
We take quality management very seriously and operate a system approved to ISO9001:2000. You can visit our website where you will find complete histories for the batches we produced allowing for enhanced material certification and material traceability.
Additionally, on our website, you can find our various links to social media including YouTube, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also read all about our latest news, any vacancies we have as well as making use of our contact form.
To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.
Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

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