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Kinematic Engineering Ltd.
26 Tyne Road

SG19 1SA
T: 01767 680300
F: 01767 680400
W: Kinematic Engineering Ltd.

Kinematic Engineering Ltd. Profile

We provide Sub-Contract Testing/Inspection for R&D, batch, and first off or reverse engineering to all types of applications that are created/processed in numerous manufacturing environments on our high accuracy Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

The services of developing a complete Turnkey package for design and manufacture of any necessary holding fixture(s).

We also offer the creation of the application program(s), software and operator training.

Either on or off-site application programming support can be provided..

Should you require a CMM operator support whilst key employee(s) are on vacation or you have a requirement to deploy them on other critical projects etc. is another facility that we can provide.

We also offer a range of services, and these include specialist support for customers with MM4 or PCDmis measurement software.

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