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Destec Engineering Ltd
5 Mile Lane
T: 01522 791 721
F: 01522 790 033

Seal Rings

Part no: Destec Seal Rings

Many clients have drawn on Destec's specialised knowledge and experience on the use of High Pressure and High Temperature metal-to-metal static sealing.

Destec have developed a sealing system which uses a modified cone ring giving excellent leak tightness properties under the most severe conditions of pressure, temperature, thermal cycling and shock.

Destec seal rings are being used as original equipment in client's products and are also in service as replacement for original troublesome joints.

With conversions of old joints to Destec seals our engineers carry out the design modifications in accordance with established codes and standards, whilst the practical site work is handled by Destec's on-site machining service using portable machines to carry out the modification and re-build on site.

Destec's seal rings have the following features:

Sizes from 10mm to 1700mm currently in service.

The higher the pressure the more attractive the Destec seal design becomes as internal pressure intensifies the sealing action.

The Destec all metal seal ring can be used at high temperatures. Maximum service temperature being limited by the seal material selected. Materials range from carbon and alloy steels through to inconel, with a range of coatings for lubrication.

The sealing system is extremely leak tight under the most severe conditions of pressure, temperature, vacuum, and is suitable for nuclear applications.

Colour Coding of Seal Rings - Seal Ring PTFE coatings are colour coded in relation to the base material to aid identification.

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