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  • 1: Forged Steel Crane Wheels
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Forged Steel Crane Wheels

Part no: Forged Steel Crane Wheels

Valdunes CMF manufacture forged crane wheels and railway wheels, indeed Valdunes are the leading supplier to the European rail network. Valdunes crane wheels are used extensively within the European Steel Industry. Valdunes 42 Cr Mo 5 - 04, Steel This steel is produced by the Ascometal steel works who manufacture special steels for bearing and mechanical components for all industries requiring high-performance and high-quality level. The 42 Cr Mo 5 - 04 steel is produced exclusively for Valdunes by Ascometal for crane wheels. This steel is very clean (Vacuum Degassed), ladle refined so that the crane wheels have the following characteristics: Very high degree of hardness with good depth of the treated area. High wear resistance. Excellent impact resistance The forging process produces the crane wheel an excellent material grain flow with a correctly orientated structure. The compactness is very good even in case of a mass distribution,the reduction factor is very high (usually > 5) Information regarding Heat Treatment and Immersion Quench are available on our website. Click on our Trade Link for more information.

Trade Link: Forged Steel Crane Wheels

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