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JCS Hi-Torque Ltd
Chilton Industrial Estate

CO10 2YH
T: 01787 376212
F: 01787 880633
W: Worm Drive Hose Clips Manufacturer

Multi-Torque Adjustable Banding Range

Part no: Multi-Torque

Here at JCS Hi-Torque Ltd. we are specialists in the design & manufacture of worm drive hose clips & P-clips. One of the product lines we manufacture includes the Multi-Torque Adjustable Banding Range which couples the strength of HI-TORQUE hose clamps with the convenience of being able to produce instant hose clamps to any desired diameter from a kit. This range is significantly stronger than other adjustable banding products. Available in the following lengths: 1m 10m 30m However if required other lengths of connectors are available on special order. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Multi-Torque Adjustable Banding Range

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