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Caleb Components Ltd.
Block 6, Grazebrook Industrial Park
Peartree Lane
West Midlands
T: 01384 453955
F: 01384 257423
W: Caleb Components Ltd

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Spring Tension Pins

Part no: Spring Tension Pins

Here at Caleb Components Ltd we specialise in suppliers of all kinds of spring type fasteners.

The many advantages to the spring pin are as follows:

Replacement for Solid Pins, Taper Pins, Cotter Pins, Split Pins, threaded items & many other methods of fastening previously used.

Excellent shear strength properties - Approximately 10% stronger as well as 10% lighter than that of mild steel solid pins.

With diameters slightly larger than that of the hole size they provide a tight spring fit into the hole providing a tight grip along the pins length.

By virtue of their design they offer constant on-going pressure making them resistant to vibration.

Costs are reduced by the elimination of reaming and threading. Simply drill and insert.

Pin shear strength can be increased further by inserting one pin inside another.

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