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AATi Ltd
11 Swinborne Drive
Springwood Industrial Estate
T: 01376 346278
F: 01376 348480
W: AATi Ltd

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UK Manufactured DDA Products

Here at AATi we specialise in the manufacture of cast metal anti slip nosings, treads and associated products for stairways and footfall areas.

One of the ranges of products we offer is DDA Products.

This range of products fulfils requirements set out by the Disability Discrimination Act. A wide variety of materials and sizes are available for use in wet and/or dry conditions.

Products in this range include:
SN293/WL/307 Wideline- stair nosing
SN9/55 Cast Metal Stair Nosing
SN293/WL/307UR -Wideline- stair nosing
SN293/WL/280B -Wide line- stair nosing
SN293/WL/84  Heavy Duty General Purpose AATi Cast metal Stair nosing
SN93/SL3/280 -Sightline- stair nosing
SN93/SL3/140 -Sightline- stair nosing
SN293/WL/57 Cast Metal Stair Nosing

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