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JJ Williams (Gaskets) Ltd.
1 Beresford Road
T: 01227 265522
F: 01227 770146
W: Washer & Gasket Manufacturers in Non-Metallic Materials

PVC Machined Components, Kent

Part no: PVC Machined Components, Kent

Here at JJ Williams we are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of washers and gaskets. We use state of the art machinery and technology to manufacture our washers & gaskets using a wide range of non-metallic materials. With our outstanding production facilities we offer a wide range of machined components using a number of different machined electrical and mechanical insulation materials, including PVC. Some other example materials we use include: • Nylon • Acetal • PTFE • Vulcanised fibre • SRBP • SRBF • All types of electrical insulators In order to provide our customers with complete quality assurance, we operate under ISO 9001:2008. Stamped Components are also available. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: PVC Machined Components, Kent

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