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PreHeat Engineering Ltd
Unit 1, Adler Industrial Estate
Betam Road
T: 0208 848 1912
F: 020 8848 1913
W: PreHeat Engineering Ltd

  • 1: Oil Sump & Gearbox Heaters
  • 2: Oil Sump & Gearbox Heaters
  • 3: Oil Sump & Gearbox Heaters
  • 4: Oil Sump & Gearbox Heaters

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Oil Sump & Gearbox Heaters

Part no: Oil Sump & Gearbox Heaters

Here at PreHeat Engineering Ltd, we specialise the manufacture and global supply of PEREGRINE heating equipment. We can deliver an expansive range of products and we will also design and manufacture bespoke items to your specification.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Oil Sump & Gearbox Heaters. We manufacture a range of oil sump and gearbox heaters for use in lube oil and similar applications. There are currently over 600 options in a range of voltages, wattages, lengths and diameters, all with a range of thread sizes. 
Key Features include: 

In-line coiled oil heater 
Angled coiled oil heater 
P1HS small pad heater 
P3HS Large Pad Heater 
Oil Sump and Gearbox Heaters 
Pumped oil heaters

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