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JCS Hi-Torque Ltd
Chilton Industrial Estate

CO10 2YH
T: 01787 376212
F: 01787 880633
W: Worm Drive Hose Clips Manufacturer

Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamps

Part no: Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamps

Here at JCS Hi-Torque Ltd. we are specialists in the design & manufacture of worm drive hose clips & P-clips. One of the product lines we manufacture includes Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamps designed for clamping signs of all post types including: Round Square Hexagon & any unusual shape. Available in seven diameters covering post sizes from 55mm to 340mm. Manufactured from high strength stainless steel. European Patent No 0891508. US Patent No 6205624. Other patents are pending. Typical applications for the TAMTORQUE SIGN BANDING SYSTEM include: Securing waste & litter bins Street lamp & signal control box security Clamping road, public, industrial & advertising signs & more. Visit our website today to view the full range. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamps

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