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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
W: Advanced NDT Ltd.

  • 1: Bond Testers - BondaScope, BondHub, Curlin Air
  • 2: Bond Testers - BondaScope, BondHub, Curlin Air
  • 3: Bond Testers - BondaScope, BondHub, Curlin Air

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Bond Testers - BondaScope, BondHub, Curlin Air


Bond Testers - Range


Product Code: BondaScope 3100, Curlin Air, BondHub

Bond Testing

As the use of adhesively bonded joints and fittings has increased in the aerospace, automotive and marine industries, the need for testing bond integrity has grown. Metal to metal bonded joints, sandwich constructions with various skin and core materials, bonded carbon fibre composite structures have all become important in manufacturing as well as in-service repair patches and adhesively bonded re-enforcements. The integrity of these bonds is critical to the quality of the final product. Conventional ultrasonic methods can be limited for these applications and so a variety of alternative methods have been developed to handle this range of material combinations.

Advanced NDT Limited provides the most capable bond testers in the market for composite inspection on sandwich construction, laminates, multi-layered bonded structures, adhesively bonded fittings, highly attenuating materials and any construction that needs a high penetrating power.

The BondaScope 3100 bond tester has 3 modes of operation to cover a range of applications and can detect de-laminations, dis bonds, crushed or damaged core, porosity, foreign objects, impact damage and much more. Common applications include the inspection of metal-to-metal bonding and skin-to-core, damaged core and far side defects in metal, carbon and glass fibre based composites. The most common Pitch-catch (P/C) and Resonance modes are suited to laminates, bonded and sandwich structures. They are able to penetrate through glue lines and core-structures and even far side defects can be detected, which is ideal when there is access to only one side of a part. Pitch-catch is dry coupled, easy to use and fast and works well on larger defects (>0.5”). Resonance mode requires couplant but can identify smaller defects and even determine which layer the defect occurred in with multi-layered bonded structures. Mechanical Impedance (MIA) mode is dry coupled and most suited to metal-to-metal bonding and stiffer skin-to-core constructions. It has less penetration but works well on irregular and curved surfaces and with the small tip can accurately position the location of the defect.

The New BondHub imaging system interfaces with the outputs from a standard BondaScope 3100. The world’s first multi-mode imaging bond tester with fully automatic C-scan imaging capability for testing the integrity of composites and adhesively bonded structures. Image in Resonance, Pitch-Catch and MIA modes using any of our manual or automatic scanners. It acts as a motion controller for the x-y scanners and has dedicated imaging software preloaded for generation and analysis of C-Scan images. The BondHub is built into a robust Pelican style case for easy set-up and transportation, and even acts as storage for the BondaScope 3100, probes and cables.

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