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  • 1: ISonic utPod Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • 2: ISonic utPod Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • 3: ISonic utPod Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • 4: ISonic utPod Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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ISonic utPod Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Part no: ISONIC UTPOD Flaw Detector

ISonic utPod - Handheld Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


Product Code: ISonic utPod

ISONIC utPod - Ultra-Portable Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Testing Instrument

The Swiss Army knife of UT Personal 400g pack of advanced technology comprising: 
• Top Performance Flaw Detector 
• All-Functional A-Scan Thickness Gauge
• Simple Corrosion Gauge
• Comprehensive Data Logger
• Fully USB Controllable Miniature dimensions and lightest weight ever!

ISONIC utPod delivers full functionality of the top performance ultrasonic detector such as
· Bi-polar square wave pulser with tunable shape, pulse duration and amplitude (up to 300 V pp) and boosted leading / falling edges enhancing ultrasound penetration for various materials characterized either by high or low grain, sound attenuation, and the like
· 100 dB analogue gain / 0.2...25 MHz bandpass / 100 MHz sampling rate
· 32-Taps FIR band pass digital filter with controllable lower and upper frequency limits
· Analogue performance A-Scan with no range limit for RF display mode · Up to 2 kHz pulse repetition frequency
· Multi-curve DAC, DGS / TCG
· 2 independent gates
· Automatic evaluation including trigonometric functions, thickness and curvature correction, etc
· AWS / API defect evaluation
· High Colour Resolution QVGA screen – 3.2” Active Matrix LCD with an embedded PICASO-GFX2 graphics controller
· Built-in horn and virtual lamps on the screen to alarm the defect indications
· 2 on-board rechargeable long durability Li-Ion batteries

ISONIC utPod LF is a modified version of ISONIC utPod adapted for low frequency ultrasound applications. It is characterized by the receiver frequency range and limit for manipulating the duration of initial pulse different from ISONIC utPod

One Hand Inspection
For the first time the operator may hold the instrument and scan the material using one hand only - this makes rope access and similar inspection jobs much safer and reliable.

Touch Control ISONIC utPod is controlled through highly intuitive user interface provided on the high definition sun readable touch screen

Zoom A-Scan Simple double click on the A-Scan expands it to the full screen area / returns to the combined A-Scan / Control Menu View

Goose Neck The “Goose Neck” optional adaptor has been designed to ensure positioning of the instrument on any surface and allows the operator to optimize the instrument location and viewing angle freeing both hands for probe manipulation, holding onto ladders, etc

All-functional Thickness Gauge and Simple Corrosion Gauge 
• Dual / Single element probe operation
• Automatic gain / initial pulse control
• 100 MHz sampling rate
• Multiple back wall echo technique with delay line single element probes for high precision measurements
• Multiple back wall echo technique with dual element probes for through-paint / through-coating measurements
• Pure Digital Display
• Digital Display Combined with A-Scan
• Min/Max
• Differential
• Variety of calibration and zeroing techniques
• Ultrasound velocity gauge for material structure analysis

Through Paint / Through Coating Thickness Measurements With Regular Dual Probe ISONIC utPod allows through-paint / through-coating thickness measurements eliminating the paint from the total thickness with the use of regular dual probe

Flaw Detection With its wide bandpass and powerful pulser ISONIC utPod is applicable for wide variety of applications such as inspection of welds, composites, HDPE, other plastics, and many others.

Data Logger ISONIC utPod data logger may be activated for all three modes of operation: flaw detection, corrosion gauging, thickness gauging allowing arrangement of the evaluation results along with corresponding A-Scans into a database file organized as either 1D (linear), 2D (X, Y), 3D (X, Y, Z), or 4D (X, Y, Z, retake) array.

ISonic utPod LF ISONIC utPod LF is a modified version of ISONIC utPod adapted for low frequency ultrasound applications. It is characterized by the receiver frequency range and limit for manipulating the duration of initial pulse different from ISONIC utPod – refer to Technical Data ISONIC utPod LF is suitable for the inspection of highly attenuating materials such as concrete, fibreglass, etc. The upper limit of the frequency range keeps the opportunity for the inspection of metals and the like.

ISONIC utPod As Core Element For Small Integrated Systems Thanks to the ability of plug-&-play connection to PC and attractive pricing ISONIC utPod became highly demandable by integrators creating scanning system controlled thought their proprietary software created with use of ISONIC utPod Software Development Kit (SDK)

Connection to PC On connection to the computer via USB port ISONIC utPod is recognized automatically and becomes fully controllable by mouse and keyboard. This allows performing of instrument operation enjoying comfort of friendly graphic interface and live A- Scan on the computer screen provided by ISONIC utPod for PC software. This extremely useful utility delivered with every ISONIC utPod unit at no additional cost carries a number of important features such as transfer data and set-up files to / from the instrument, data logger files processing, generating of editable comprehensive inspection reports in MS Word format, hard copy print, etc.

UT Level I, II Training Class In A Single Case 
• Six units with cables and typical probes
• Direct control from computer through USB port / large screen projection
• Comprehensive Training Syllabus
• Attractive pricing policy

Contact us for further details and pricing.

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