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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
W: Advanced NDT Ltd

  • 1: Socomate USPC Cards USPC 7100
  • 2: Socomate USPC Cards USPC 7100
  • 3: Socomate USPC Cards USPC 7100
  • 4: Socomate USPC Cards USPC 7100

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Socomate USPC Cards USPC 7100

Part no: USPC 7100 LA – USPC

Socomate USPC Cards


Product Code: USPC 7100 LA, PCRCPP7101BA, PC-MUX 7108 HA+

The Socomate USPC All in one Ultrasonic PC cards (formerly USPC 3100) - USPC 7100 LA Remote Pulser Cards - PCRCPP7101BA Multiplexer Cards - PCMUX7108HA+

The Socomate USPC cards offer outstanding performance at a low cost. Simply plug the card into a conventional PC to produce a high performance Ultrasonic flaw detector. The PC cards have excellent resolution, signal to noise and features, yet are very easy to use.

With a Pulse repetition frequency of up to 20KHz, the cards are ideal for both single channel work such as immersion testing (approved for use on RPS 705 by Rolls Royce) or rack mounted to give multiple channels in automated testing systems.

• A multiplexer board is available to give up to eight channel operation in an economical package. 
• Up to 8 sequential tests with independent settings from one card. 
• Back echo tracking with gate 1. 
• The New USPC7100 Series Cards replace the USPC3100 Series but both have very similar characteristics.

UNIQUE FEATURES Square wave pulser Real Speed A&C-Scan Data Transfer with USPC7100LA, MBA & MHA

Amplitude, TOF/WT & Coupling quality :
0.5 Volts Full Scale (8-bits) Selectable Offset & Range Update Rate : at Pulse Repetition Rate

GO/NO-GO ALARM OUTPUTS Loss of IF, Flaw detection, TOF/WT Min & Max and Coupling : Open Collectors for pull up (5-30 VDC) Up-date Rate : at Pulse Repetition Rate

PRF Link : Master Internal External Trigger: 5 Independant TTL Inputs PRF In : Slaved to PRF Link or External Trig.
START In : USPC-MUX Synchr. PRF Out : MUX. Sequential Firing Trigger START Out : MUX. Cycle of Tests Trigger

Bus : PCI Size : 1/1 full size TX, RX, RF : SMB Connectors In/Outputs : 26-Pin HE10 Connector : 8 Analogue outputs 9 Go/No-GO Alarm Outputs 5 Volts, Ground Triggers : PRF Link/In/out, Start In/Out Card Ready & Enable Acquisition Out Consumption : +12.V./ 0.5Amp.
+ 5.V./ 1.0Amp.
+3.3.V./ 1.5Amp.
-12.V./ 0.1Amp.
Operating temperature : 0°- 50°C (32°-122°F) Multiple Channel Operation :
Parallel Firing Timed Firing (Post-trigger) Sequential firing (MUX. 8Channels)

SOFTWARE DSP : 2 very fast DSPs allowing real time Stand alone running (Socomate Property) Standard API (LabVIEW™) : uspc.exe + Source API Tutorial Software : Help!
Multiple Card control : up to 32 via Ethernet

Drivers for Windows :
XP/VISTA/7 for All Boards DLL with Help! Tutorial Software Active-X control with Help!
High Speed Data Acquisition :
• A&C-Scan with USPC7100LA/MBA/MHA 
• LabView Demo Software, *.Exe + Sources
• VB,VC, Delphi & Borland Examples With *.exe + Sources Standard & Approvals- European: EN 12668-1 Russian: GOST GE: DFO for P29TF82 Class A,B,C & P3TF31 Rolls Royce: RPS 705-QCTP 6265

Contact Advanced NDT Limited for further details and prices.

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