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Ultrasonic Testing

Part no: Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing is a non-destructive testing method that is based on ultrasonic waves for detecting internal defects in materials, or for measuring wall thickness and detecting corrosion.

With Ultrasonic testing, a pulse-echo ultrasonic sound wave is sent into the material. This wave will be disturbed and then partially returned from spots with internal imperfection or from the back of the material wall.

Analyzing the return sound provides useful information about the location and orientation of the imperfection along with the wall thickness of the material.

Acceptance criteria define whether or not the indication is a defect or not. Non Destructive Testing & Examination (NDT/NDE) are indispensable techniques and decrease the risk of leakage or other defects, which increase the business integrity and safety within the installation and can save expenses.

Ultrasonic testing will find internal corrosion pitting and general erosion in most metals.

Generally used for thickness surveys on pressure vessels, pipelines, storage tanks, ships hulls, rail wheels & axles, turbine blades plus many more applications. Quick results with very accurate information on locations and depth of disturbance - "A good value proposition."

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