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Applied Vibration Limited
48 & 50 Sandy Way
Amington Industrial Estate,
B77 4DS
T: 01827 318 020
F: 01827 510 59
W: Applied Vibration Limited

  • 1: Compaction Vibrating Table
  • 2: Compaction Vibrating Table
  • 3: Compaction Vibrating Table

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Compaction Vibrating Table

Part no: Compaction Vibrating Table

Applied Vibration Limited is a family run business based in Staffordshire which is a leading specialist in the Industrial Vibration Equipment industry. We are exceptionally proud of our in-house design and manufacture capabilities and boast a small but passionate and dedicated team.

One of the products we offer our customers includes the Vibrating Table. The vibrating table is the perfect solution for increasing the speed and efficiency of filling containers, ensuring that all containers are filled to maximum capacity.
Key Features include:
Can be designed to compact materials in containers, boxes, bulk bags and more
Can be raised and lowered from beneath a roller track
ATEX certification designs available
Flat or domed plate design
Suspension mountings suitable for mounting on weigh scales
Often used as part of a filling system

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