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Caleb Components Ltd.
Block 6, Grazebrook Industrial Park
Peartree Lane
West Midlands
T: 01384 453955
F: 01384 257423
W: Spring Type Fastener Specialists

  • 1: Ball-bearing Pre-load Disc Springs
  • 2: Ball-bearing Pre-load Disc Springs

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Ball-bearing Pre-load Disc Springs

Part no: Ball-bearing Pre-load Disc

Here at Caleb Components Ltd we specialise in suppliers of all kinds of spring type fasteners.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Ball-bearing Pre-load Disc Springs.

Ball-bearing Pre-load Disc Springs are especially designed for use with radial ball bearings and maintain positioning accuracy of the bearing with no end play.

Key product advantages:

Take up manufacturing tolerances
Quietens bearings
Reduces numbers of components and simplifies fitting
Load evenly applied around bearing outer ring
Automatic bearing alignment with a light pre-load
Minimises axle space
Small load change with axial deflection

Please contact us today to for more details.

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Trade Link: Ball-bearing Pre-load Disc Springs

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