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Caleb Components Ltd.
Block 6, Grazebrook Industrial Park
Peartree Lane
West Midlands
T: 01384 453955
F: 01384 257423
W: Spring Type Fastener Specialists

  • 1: Disc Springs DIN 2093
  • 2: Disc Springs DIN 2093

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Disc Springs DIN 2093

Part no: Disc Springs DIN 2093

Here at Caleb Components Ltd we specialise in suppliers of all kinds of spring type fasteners.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Disc Springs DIN 2093.

Disc Springs have now become adapted with greater degrees & accuracy for both forces and deflections.

Key product advantages:

High force for short movements
Even loading throughout circumference
Various Spring characteristics:
Linear, regressive and negative rates
Numerous combinations
Non-tangle (for automated assembly)
High shock absorption
High number of cycles achievable
Replacement for coil springs

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Trade Link: Disc Springs DIN 2093

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