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Knight Strip Metals Ltd
Linkside, Summit Road
Cranborne Ind Estate
Potters Bar
T: 01707 650251
F: +44(0)1707 651238
W: Knight Strip Metals Ltd

  • 1: 400 Series (Martensitic) Stainless Steel Strip
  • 2: 400 Series (Martensitic) Stainless Steel Strip

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400 Series (Martensitic) Stainless Steel Strip

Part no: 400 Series (Martensitic) Stainless Steel Strip

Similar to plain carbon steel strip, martensitic stainless steel strip is hardened by quenching followed by tempering for improved toughness and ductility. Hardenability, strength and wear resistance increases with carbon content but at the expense of toughness and ductility. A chromium content of 11% minimum produces the stainless steel strip properties. Low cost – High Performance Metal Strip Martensitic stainless steel strip is a low cost stainless metal strip. Martensitic stainless steel strip was the first to be commercially developed and is used as cutlery steel. Martensitic stainless steel is also used for the manufacture of complex spring shapes needing a soft steel for forming. Special Properties - Martensitic Steel Strip Moderate corrosion resistance in inland water and rural atmospheres. Martensitic alloys are generally formed in the annealed condition and then heat-treated. Martensitic steel strip, unlike most stainless steel strip, is strongly ferromagnetic and is attracted to a magnet.

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