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Kinematic Engineering Ltd.
26 Tyne Road

SG19 1SA
T: 01767 680300
F: 01767 680400
W: Kinematic Engineering Ltd.

Photo 1: CMM Programmer and Operator Training

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CMM Programmer and Operator Training


3 levels of staged training are offered to programmers: Level 1 Aimed at the novice with little or no experience, this course will encourage the programmer to feel comfortable with the software, confidence building is an essential building block, without it, negative responses develop.
During training a complete program for a complex component will be achieved encompassing many different geometric forms Level 2 Progressive development into the creation of sophisticated programs.
Building quickly on previous knowledge, the programmer will be branching, looping, mirroring, feature creating and editing in the program.
Level 3 Advanced customization techniques. Creation of customized screens & plots with on screen selectable icons. Customized printer plots, manufacture of pull down menu's etc.
The true CMM user wants this knowledge as inspection needs to be realistically displayed for the benefit of the operator and quality audits.

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