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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
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Photo 1: BondaScope 3100 Tri-Mode Bond Tester

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  • 1: BondaScope 3100 Tri-Mode Bond Tester
  • 2: BondaScope 3100 Tri-Mode Bond Tester
  • 3: BondaScope 3100 Tri-Mode Bond Tester

BondaScope 3100 Tri-Mode Bond Tester

Date: 28/10/2014

By: Tracey Mullins


 The BONDASCOPE 3100 Bond Tester

Advanced NDT Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the latest addition to the BondaScope range of BondTesters – the New BondaScope 3100  Full Multi-Mode, Ultrasonic Bond Tester.

This full function BondaScope 3100 Bond Tester incorporates Resonance, Pitch-Catch & MIA Mechanical Impedance Analysis modes of inspection. Care has been taken during development to ensure the unit performance matches or exceeds previous instrumentation.

Whilst incorporating probe recognition of its own range of transducers, the BondaScope 3100 Tri-Mode Bond Tester can be used with probes from other competitive units. A unique feature of this unit is the profile mode presentation which shows a time/encoder related display of phase or amplitude, making the operators’ task simpler.

Applications include the inspection of metallic, non-metallic and combination metallic/non-metallic structures for a variety of anomalous conditions. These include measurable levels of unbonds, voids, delaminations, inclusions, porosity, fibre damage, core damage, bondline thickness variations, and certain material properties. Inspectable configurations include adhesively-bonded laminates, advanced fibre composites and honeycomb to mention a few. Some typical applications include multi-layer laminates, graphite resin composites, boron fibre composites, Kevlar composites, glass fibre composites, composite-to-substrate, composite-to-composite, honeycomb structures, skin-to honeycomb, honeycomb-to honeycomb and many more.

The price of this unit is a fraction of its competitors.   Why not contact us to find out more?

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