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Advanced NDT Ltd.
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Moseley Road, Hallow
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Labino Galaxy OverHead

Date: 28/10/2014

By: Tracey Mullins


NEW - Labino Galaxy OverHead

 UV LED Bench Lights

The new Labino Galaxy OverHead UV LED Bench Light uses multiple UV LEDs to generate a bright, even field of illumination ideal for Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant testing.

Each Labino Galaxy unit consist of 12 UV LED's to give even UV illumination and it is also equipped with a white light LED for evaluating indications.

At a distance of 38cm, the Labino Galaxy Bench Light illuminates a large even area to a UV intensity of up to 7000 µW/cm2 (adjustable) and is filtered to emit almost no visible light. The Labino Galaxy  is 100% free from UV-B.

These lights come on instantly and require no cooling, allowing them to be sealed to IP65 standard for dust and water jet protection.

The Galaxy OverHead UV Bench Light incorporates a dimmer so the UV light can be dimmed down to 20% of its full capacity with the intensity varying from 1,500 - 7000 µW/cm2 depending on your requirements.

A remote control is used to remotely operate the dimmer of the UV light, the white light and the timer.

The timer is built in to avoid unnecessary burning time of the light.

The Labino Galaxy is a modular design, enabling up to six units to be connected together to illuminate very large areas.

Supersize it - choose from 12 up to 72 UV LED's !

These new Bench mounted UV LED lights offer the inspectors better viewing conditions without the weight, heat and time delays associated with previous UV lights.

For further information & pricing please contact Advanced NDT Limited

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